Web Programming / Web Engineering / Software Engineering MCQs

Designers use which of the following to tune the performance of systems to support time-critical operations?
A. Demoralization
B. Redundant Optimization
C. Optimization
D. Realization

Which of the following is the risk associated with using hypertext in a web application?
A. Loss of sense of locality and direction
B. Cognitive overload for users
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

W3C stands for?
A. World Wide Web Consortium
B. World Wide Web Collaboration
C. World Wide Web Community
D. None of these

Which category of the web-based system would you assign to discussion groups?
A. Collaborative work
B. Online communities
C. Web portals
D. Workflow oriented

Which category of the web-based system would you assign to electronic shopping?
A. Information
B. Interactive
C. Transaction oriented
D. Workflow oriented

Which of the following statements are incorrect with reference to the web-based system?
A. Should be un-scalable
B. Must be to cope uncertain, random heavy demand on services
C. Must be secure
D. Are subject to assorted legal, social and ethical security.

Which analysis is a part of the Analysis model of the web engineering process framework?
A. Content analysis
B. Interaction analysis
C. Functional analysis
D. All of these

Which process model should be used in virtually all situations of web engineering?
A. Incremental model (RAD)
B. Waterfall model
C. Spiral model
D. All of these

You can use the _________bar to type URL and display a Web page,or type a keyword to display a list of related web pages.
A. Menu
B. Title
C. Search
D. Web
E. Address

Compiling creates a(n)___.
A. error-free program
B. program specification
C. subroutine
D. algorithm
E. executable program