System Analysis, Design & Architecture + Compiler Writing MCQs

Which one of the following is the address generated by the CPU?
A. Physical Address
B. Absolute Address
C. Logical Address
D. None of these

A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called:
A. Slack pointer
B. Cache
C. Accumulator
D. Disk buffer

CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of:
A. Program Counter (PC)
B. Status Register (SR)
C. Instruction Register (IR)
D. Program Status Word (PSW)

In the graphical system. the array of pixels in the picture is stored in :
A. Memory
B. Frame Buffer
C. Processor
D. All of these

The number of pixels stored in the frame buffer of a graphics system is known as:
A. Resolution
B. Depth
C. Mass
D. None of these

A compiler or a program written in a high-level language is called:
A. Source program
B. Object program
C. Machine language program
D. None of these

Parsing is also known as ____:
A. Lexical analysis
B. Syntax analysis
C. Semantic analysis
D. Code generation

The lexical analyzer takes _____ as input and produces a stream of _____ as output.
A. Source program, Tokens
B. Tokens, Source program
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Which part interprets program instructions and initiate control operations ?
A. Input
B. Storage Unit
C. Logic unit
D. Control unit
E. None of the above

The Components that process data are located in the-
A. Input devices
B. Output devices
C. System unit
D. Storage component
E. None of the above