System Analysis, Design & Architecture + Compiler Writing MCQs

The basic architecture of computer was developed by:
A. John Von Neumann
B. Charles Babbage
C. Blaise Pascal
D. Garden Moore

The signal sent to the device from the processor to the device after receiving an interrupt is:
A. Interrupt acknowledge
B. Return signal
C. Service signal
D. Permission signal

The return address from the interrupt service routine is stored on the:
A. System heap
B. Processor register
C. Processor stack
D. Memory

The interrupt-request line is a part of the:
A. Data line
B. Control line
C. Address line
D. None of these

Memory management technique in which system stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory is called:
A. Fragmentation
B. Paging
C. Mapping

Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by:
A. Memory management unit
D. None of these