Security and Ethical issues MCQs

Performing a shoulder surfing in order to check other’s password is ____________ ethical practice.
A. a good
B. not so good
C. very good social engineering practice
D. a bad

What is the ethics behind training how to hack a system?
A. To think like hackers and know how to defend such attacks
B. To hack a system without the permission
C. To hack a network that is vulnerable
D. To corrupt software or service using malware

Which of the following is key characteristics of a hacker?
A. Afraid to say they don’t know the answer
B. Willing to find answers on their own.
C. Not willing to find answers on their own.
D. All of these

A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to “infect” other computers is called a:
A. disease
B. torpedo
C. hurricane
D. virus
E. infector