Security and Ethical issues MCQs

Before performing any penetration test, through legal procedure, which key points listed below is not mandatory?
A. Know the nature of the organization
B. Characteristics of work done in the firm
C. System and network
D. Type of broadband company used by the firm

The legal risks of ethical hacking include lawsuits due to __________ of personal data.
A. stealing
B. disclosure
C. deleting
D. hacking

_____________ is the technique used in business organizations and firms to protect IT assets.
A. Ethical hacking
B. Unethical hacking
C. Fixing bugs
D. Internal data-breach

Leaking your company data to the outside network without prior permission of senior authority is a crime.
A. True
B. False

___________ has now evolved to be one of the most popular automated tools for unethical hacking.
A. Automated apps
B. Database software
C. Malware
D. Worms