Security and Ethical issues MCQs

An ethical hacker must ensure that proprietary information of the firm does not get leaked.
A. True
B. False

After performing ____________ the ethical hacker should never disclose client information to other parties.
A. hacking
B. cracking
C. penetration testing
D. exploiting

__________ is the branch of cybersecurity that deals with morality and provides different theories and a principle regarding the viewpoints about what is right and wrong.
A. Social ethics
B. Ethics in cyber-security
C. Corporate ethics
D. Ethics in black hat hacking

________ helps to classify arguments and situations, better understand a cyber-crime and helps to determine appropriate actions.

A. Cyber-ethics
B. Social ethics
C. Cyber-bullying
D. Corporate behavior

A penetration tester must identify and keep in mind the ___________ & ___________ requirements of a firm while evaluating the security postures.
A. privacy and security
B. rules and regulations
C. hacking techniques
D. ethics to talk to seniors