WAPDA Past Papers

WAPDA PESCO Line Superintendent Past Paper Feb 2020 Part-2 (CTS)

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Q No.84: In which country is the third biggest producer of uranium?
A. Kazakhstan
B. Spain
C. Canada
D. Australia
E. None of these

Q No.85: “Olcksiy Goncharuk” is the current prime minister of?
A. Armenia
B. France
C. Australia
D. Italy
E. None of these

Q No.86: The 50th World Economic Forum is scheduled to held at Devos, in Switzerland from?
A. 21-24 Jan
B. 24-27 Jan
C. 1-3 Feb
D. 15-18 Jan
E. None of these

Q No.87: Who is Japan’s longest serving political leader?
A. Karo Katsura
B. Taro Aso
C. Shinzo Abe
D. Elasaku Stato
E. None of these

Q No.88: On October 1st, 1906 Simla deputation met Viceroy Lord Minto, the delegation was headed by?
A. Mohsin ul Mulk
B. Sir Agha Khan
C. Sardar Abdul Rub Nishtar
D. Malik Salimullah
E. None of these

Q No. 89: The Potohar region of the northern Punjab borders is:
A. Southern Kashmir & Western KPK
B. Western Kashmir & Southern KPK
C. Northern KPK & Eastern Gilgit
D. Eastern KPK & Northern Gilgit
E. None of these

Q No.90: Which country has elected Katarina Sakellaropoulou as its first woman president?
A. Ethiopia
B Finland
C. Ireland
D. Greece
E. None of these

Q No.91: The first Muslim country to take over the G20 Presidency?
A. Indonesia
B. Malaysia
C. Qatar
D. Saudi Arabia
E. None of these

Q No.92: Who first discovered Machu Picchu?
A. Hiram Bingham
B. Joseph Lister
C. John Walker
D. James Cook
E. None of these

Q No.93: The first European to reach India by sea was:
A. Ibn-e-Batuta
B. Marco Polo
C. Christopher Columbus
D. Vasco Da Gama
E. None of these

Q No.94: Newly Elected President of Asia Pecific group of UNESCO?
A. Sri Lanka
B. India
C. China
D. Pakistan
E. None of these

Q No.95: Which country occupied Cambodia during World War-2?
A. France
B. Japan
C. Italy
E. None of these

Q No.96: Jamrud is called the Gateway to____?
A. Bolan Pass
B. Malakand Pass
C. Khyber Pass
D. Lowari Pass
E. None of these

Q No.97: MAUWAZATAIN means?
A. Two specific Surah of the Quran
B. A collection of Ahadith
C. 100 or more Ayats
D. Less than 100 Ayats
E. None of these

Q No.98: The “IFK” event is described in the Quran in:
A. Surah Tauba
B. Surah Noor
C. Surah Baqarah
D. Suraj Yaseen
E. None of these

Q No.99: ___ Sahabi was the oldest in age and was in the front line in the battle of Badr?
A. Hazrat Abu Khuzzima(RA)
B. Hazrat Umbaida(RA)
C. Hazrat Talha(RA)
D. Hazrat Abu Huzaifa(RA)
E. None of these

Q No.100: The downfall of the Ummayed in Damascus happened in ____AH?
A. 125
B. 127
C. 129
D. 132
E. None of these