WAPDA Past Papers

WAPDA PESCO Line Superintendent Past Paper Feb 2020 Part-1 (CTS)

Q No 01: Pakistan moves US Court to stop over ____ fine in the Reko Diq case?
A. $10 bn
B. $8 bn
C. $6 bn
D. $5.4 bn
E. None of these

Q No 02: Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim was appointed as the ____ Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan.
A. 23rd
B. 24th
C. 25th
D. 26th
E. None of these

Q No 03: Pakistan received 2nd tranche of _____ million from the IMF on 26th Dec 2019.
A. $436
B. $484
C. $454
D. $466
E. None of these

Q No 04: The EXIM bank of ___ has signed an $80 million loan with Pakistan.
A. China
B. Bahrain
C. Malaysia
D. Korea
E. None of these

Q No 05: ___ has provided Pakistan sanctions free structure for strategic North-South Gas Pipeline?
A. Russia
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Kuwait
D. Iraq
E. None of these

Q No 06: The Azakhel Dry Port in the Nowshera district has been completed at a cost of ___ million.
A. Rs. 410 Million
B. Rs. 310 Million
C. Rs. 210 Million
D. Rs. 510 Million
E. None of these

Q No 07: National Assembly passed Army Act(1952) on?
A. 2nd Jan 2020
B. 5th Jan 2020
C. 5th Jan 2020
D. 9th Jan 2020
E. None of these

Q No 08: A Monumental statue to pay tribute to the Baloch Scholar, Poet, Author, and Lexicographer Late ____ was at Padizar Avenue of the Gawadar Port City.
A. Syed Ahtesham Ansari
B. Syed Asadullah Shinwari
C. Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi
D. Syed Amin Khattak
E. None of these

Q No.09: The most recent BRICKS summit took place in ___ 13th to 14th Nov 2019.
A. India
B. Russia
C. Brazil
D. China
E. None of these

Q No.10: Which of the following strait joins the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf?
A. Bering Strait
B. Bab Ul Mandab Strait
C. Bosphorous Strait
D. Davis Strait
E. None of these

Q No.11: Alexander Van Der Ballen is current?
A. President of East Germany
B. Prime Minister of Switzerland
C. President of Austria
D. None of these

Q No.12: Shahbaz Airbase is located in:
A. Quetta
B. Sahiwal
C Jaccobabad
D. Sibi
E. None of these

Q No.13: Who is also known as the “Lady with the Lamp”?
A. Hellen Keller
B. Ruth Pfau
C. Mother Teresa
D. Florence Nightingale
E. None of these

Q No.14: The main demand of Simla Deputation was:
A. Separate electorate
B. equal rights and justice for Muslims
C. equal employment opportunities
D. Muslim university at Aligarh
E. None of these

Q No.15: The first president of the Indian National Congress was:
A. Mr.Womesh Chandra Banarjee
B. Dadabhai Naoroji
C. Pherozeshah Mehta
D. George Yule
E. None of these

Q No.16: The resolution for establishing All India Muslim League was passed at:
A. Shah Bagh, Dhaka
B. Ali Bagh, Dhaka
C. Noor Bagh, Dhaka
D. Faiz Bagh, Dhaka
E. None of these

Q No.17: When the Congress Ministries resigned from their offices?
A. Nov 1936
B. Nov 1938
C. Nov 1939
D. Nov 1940
E. None of these

Q No.18: The current Managing Director of IMF is?
A. Kristalnia Georgeiva
B. Kristonia Goerge
C. Christine Legarde
D. Anshula Kanty
E. None of these

Q No.19: Aksai Chin is a disputed area between:
A. China and India
B. China and Laos
C. China and Mongolia
D. China and Bhutan
E. None of these

Q No.20: Sultan Qaboos who died recently belongs to which country:
A. Yemen
B. Jordan
C. Oman
D. Qatar
E. None of these

Q No.21: Qasem Sulemani who was killed in US air strike was the Iranian Military Commander began his military career of the Iran Iraq war during the _____.
A. 1960
B. 1970
C. 1980
D. 1990
E. None of these

Q No.22: Admiral Nadeem Raza is the ____ Chairman Joint of Staff Committee(CJCSC) of Pakistan.
A. 14th
B. 15th
C. 17th
D. 19th
E. None of these

Q No.23: Which of the Pakistani Scientist is awarded “China International Science & Technology Corporation Award” for the year 2020.
A. Anasullah Aman
B. Dr. Nawab ul Haq
C. Dr. Abdullah Shakir
D. Dr. Atta ur Rehman
E. None of these