WAPDA Past Papers

WAPDA Job related/Technical MCQs (SDO(Operation/Jr.Engineer and Line Superintendent)) | PESCO | LESCO | IESCO | MEPCO | FESCO

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Q No 1: Linear differential transformer is which type of _______transducer?
A. Inductive
B. Chemical
C. Piezoelectric
D. Electromechanical

Q No 2: Data travel fastest in ______ Cable.
A. Shielded Twisted Pair
B. Coaxial
C. Fiber Optics
D. Unshielded Twisted Pair

Q No 3: Power transformer transforms?
A. Power
B. Voltage
C. Current
D. Resistance

Q No 4: Moving Coil ammeter can measure:
B. AC current
B. DC Current
C. Eddy Current
D. Stray Current

Q No 5: We build the control system for:
A. Remote control
B. Compensation of disturbance
C. Power Amplification
D. All

Q No 6: In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation:
A. Low load factor and diversity factor
B. Low load factor and high diversity factor
C. High load factor and low diversity factor
D. High load factor and diversity factor

Q No 7: Which of the following converts’ thermal energy to kinetic energy?
A. Thermocouple
B. Storage battery
C. Fuel cell
D. Rocket

Q No 8: A moving iron ammeter coil has few turns of thick wire in order to have:
A. Low resistance
B. High Sensitivity
C. Effective damping
D. Large scale

Q No 9: A 100-volt bulb has a resistance of 500 ohms. The number of hours it can work for every kWh of energy consumed will be:
A. 20
B. 40
C. 50
D. 60

Q No 10: For measuring small resistance we use:
A. Kelvin bridge
B. Wheatstone bridge
C. Schering bridge
D. Hay bridge

Q No 11: A superconductor may be used for generating:
A. Voltage
B. Pressure
C. Magnetic Field
D. Current

Q No 12: Maxwell Bridge is used to measure:
A. Resistance
B. Inductance
C. Capacitance
D. Frequency

Q No 13: Output variables are known as:
A. Dependant variables
B. Independent variables
C. Constant variables
D. Zero variables

Q No 14: Unit of Potential difference is___:
A. Volt
B. Ampere
C. Ohm
D. Henry

Q# No 15: The unit of Electric Energy is _____:
A. Volt Ampere
C. KWh
D. Joule

Q No 16: A constant current transformer should not have:
A. Moveable Secondary Winding
B. High Resistance
C. Primary and Secondary Winding Surrounding Core
D. Low Resistance

Q No 17: Power in AC is consumed by_______:
A. Inductor
B. Capacitor
C. Resistance
D. All

Q No 18: DC Series motor is known for its _______:
A. Torque
B. Power
C. Speed

Q No 19: For Rectification we use:
A. Inductor
B. Diode
C. Capacitor
D. None of these

Q No 20: AC Servomotor resembles
A. Two-phase induction motor
B. Three-phase induction motor
C. Direct Current Series motor
D. Universal motor