MES Past Papers

We Provide solved MES Past Papers on our website. Previous years’ modal papers can really helpful for MES Test Preparation.  

Pattern Of MES Past Papers

Generally, the MCQs based MES test (BPS-6 to BPS-14) consists of the following 5 sections listed below:

  1.  Islamic Studies 
  2. Pakistan Studies
  3. General Knowledge
  4. English
  5. Job/Field/Post/Subject Relevant MCQs

MES Past Papers comprising of 50 MCQs and 60 minutes time is allowed to solve the paper. The medium of MCQs statement which is also called Stem is kept in Urdu and English mix. What does it mean?

It means that the questions of Islamiat and Pakistan studies are in Urdu and the questions of English, General Knowledge, and Post relevant or Job Relevant are in the English language.   

Below are given some MES Past Papers to give you a clear idea about MES Test and Test Pattern. 

MES SUB ENGINEER B&R Grade-2 Past Paper

MES SUB Engineer B&R Grade-2 Past Paper Held on 29-09-2020

MES Past Papers pdf download
View and Download This Paper in PDF by Clicking here : MES Sub Engineer (B&R) Grade 2 Past Paper 29-09-2020

MES UDC (Upper Division Clerk) Past Papers

MES UDC Past Paper Held on 02-10-2020

MES Past Papers
View and Download This Paper in PDF by Clicking here: MES UDC Past Paper 02-10-2020

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MES Past Papers PDF Download

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MES Past Papers PDF Download

MES Past Papers PDF Download