Junior Clerk Past Paper 2019 ETEA


Junior Clerk (BPS-11) Past Paper 2019

Complete Solved Paper

Syllabus/Paper Composition/Course Contents for the post of Junior Clerk(BPS-11) in Police Department KPK 2020:

a) General English:      40%

b) General Maths:        15%

c) General Knowledge: 15%

d) Basic Computer Science/IT:   10%

e) Pakistan Studies:      10%

f) Islamiat(Ethics for non Muslims):  10%

 1: Ihsan crosses a 600m long street in 5 minutes? What is the speed in Km/Hr?

A)  7.2 km/h     B)   9 km/h   

C) 8.7 km/hr    D)   6 km/hr

2: Choose the correct sentence.

A) He is well known for his wickedness.

B) He is famous for his wickedness.

C) He is notorious for his wickedness

D) He is familiar for his wickedness

3: Choose the correct spelling:

A) Acomplush        B) Accomplish          C) Ackmplesh          D) Accompalish

4. Currency of Germany is:

A) Lira          B) Euro

C) Franc       D) Dollar

5: Which Holy Book is called Old Testament?

A) Zaboor        B) Torat

C) Injeel           D) Quran

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