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Islamic Studies Important MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQs are the collection of maximum those questions which are most repeated in many tests. Besides this, the section covers many other important MCQs that fall in Islamic Subject. Read thoroughly these MCQs to secure good marks in your test. Now you may also submit Us latest OR your Recent Test Islamic Studies Mcqs. SUBMIT HERE. Dear Viewers we are trying our best to provide you 100% correct answers, but being human there may chance of error in some cases. If you find any mistake/error then please do notify us and contribute us with the correct answer if you are sure 110%.


Battle of Khyber was fought in _____ Hijri?
A. 5th Hijri
B. 7th Hijri
C. 8th Hijri
D. 9th Hijr

Heart of Muslim becomes black as mentioned in Hadith Nabvee When:
A. He leaves Fajar prayer
B. He leaves Asar Prayer
C. He leaves Isha Prayer
D. He leaves three timed consecutively Juma Prayer

Salat to supplicate for rain is called:
A. Janaza
B. Estisqaa
C. Eid Prayer
D. Congrgational

No action in Islam is accepted without:
A. Zakat
B. Tauheed
C. Sadaqa
D. Recitation

Haj is obligatory on:
A. Every Muslim
B. Old Ones
C. Women
D. Those who can afford

Saum (fasting) is resembled in Hadith with a:
A. Strong wall
B. House
C. Shield
D. Castle

In which ghazwa, the command of Tayyamum was revealed?
A. Banu Mastaliq
B. Trench
C. Abwa
D. Badr

____ is necessary to recite for being a Muslim:
A. Kalma-e-Tayyaba
B. Kalma-e-Tamjeed
C. Kalma-e-Shahadat
D. Kama-e-Rad-e-Kufr

The laws of inheritance were revealed to the Holy Prophet(PBUH) in:
A. 03 AH
B. 04 AH
C. 06 AH
D. 07 AH

What is the relation of Hazrat Hamza(RA) with the Holy Prophet(SAWW):
A. Foster Brother
B. Cousin
C. Uncle
D. Neighbors