Importance of internship and how to avail it

importance of internship and how to avail it

What is Internship?

The Internship is a term that is more or less we hear in our life especially starting or at the beginning of our professional career. What is it and how much an internship is important and the most important thing is how a student or I must say fresh graduate can avail it? In this article, I will discuss the importance of internship and how to avail it?

How to Avail Internship? 

Let me start with a little but a very common real-life example is when a person applies for the driving license, before that he must visit the driving school and takes some classes for few days until he may able and get some fundamental knowledge about the vehicle and driving principles. When he gets some know-how of driving he is issued a driving learner license for some months. During this period he learns proper driving and improves his driving skills, he learns rule and regulations, standards of driving etc. When he becomes able to drive properly with a good understanding of road and driving principles, he then issues a permanent driving license.

Similarly, Internship is that small period of learning before the entrance to the professional life. During this period student/fresh graduate gets knowledge of the industry, to know how to work with professionals and what is going in industry, what is the demand and what new technologies should be learned in order to increase the value of their self in the market. An internship is really very important and plays a vital role in the professional life of a student. After an internship when you make entry to the industry, the entrepreneurs give you preference as compared to other fresh graduates. Moreover, you know some basic knowledge, so you don’t take much time to settle in a team and work smoothly.

I must say that every student must do an internship during their coursework i.e university life.

Ways to avail Internship

Now the question is that how to avail this opportunity. Its very simple, there are two very simple ways:
1) Go to the office of the Dean of your department/faculty, request him to issue an internship letter to you and refer you to some good reputable company for an internship on his behalf (Note that they are in touch with companies and they will refer you when you request them). After that get the email of the concerned official person of the company(HR) and write a letter to them for internship along with a good cover letter. They will probably give you an opportunity in most cases during the summer vacations.
2) Second way is getting direct internship using your own referrals or applying directly to a company on their career. For this simply go to the google, search for those companies which provide internships. Go to their website, there will be career option apply directly for internship Or note down the email of the hr department and email your Cvs along a good cover letter with the subject requesting for an internship. Good companies always look for good candidates and often provides the opportunity to fresh graduates.


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