How to choose career after 12th?

How to choose career after 12th?

how to choose career after 12th

           In this article, I will discuss that how to choose career after 12th?  How a student can select his/her career and a roadmap on which he/she can go to achieve the destination.

How Had I chosen my career?

           Before starting this Let me tell you about my story. Going back to 2010 when I did FSC and was thinking that what to do, where to go? either go for some small job or go for further study. I was having no guidance and awareness as (many students like me don’t have)that how to select my goal and go towards that goal by following a single roadmap. Anyway, I decided to go for study, but here one more hurdle comes to what field I should go either medical, engineering, law or some other fields. In a broader term, I selected Engineering but one more question came that what category of Engineering either mechanical, electrical, computer science, civil or any other. I was having no ideas about the scope and market value, based upon I select any specific engineering field. I was so much Puzzled in that situation.

            Anyhow, I randomly selected Computer Science field because there I saw the word computer and I was so fond of it. Luckily that field was proven best for me and due to that I am with you and writing this article for you. I think that this small article will help especially those students who are about to go to University Or College and generally for those who want to set a career.

How you should choose your career?

               While you are thinking about to go to any field to make your career in that, I suggest you that first, you should take a short survey of the market and see the trends, discuss your observations with friends and seniors who are in the market. This point is important but one thing is more important than that and that is your interest. Always try to go to in that area where you would love to go rather than the market’s trend But it will be a bonus if your interest is according to the market trend. You will grow and progress swiftly in the area where your interest in.
Wish you all the best.

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