Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs

Here you will find the General Science Multiple Choice Questions Mcqs collected from the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Atmospheric Studies. The maximum collection of Everyday Science MCQs are from past papers. You can also submit Us latest OR your Recent Test Everday Science Mcqs. SUBMIT HERE. Dear Viewers we are trying our best to provide you 100% correct answers, but being human there may chance of error in some cases. If you find any mistake/error then please do notify us and contribute us with the correct answer if you are sure 110%.


Charge on Neutron is:
A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Neutral / No net Charge
D. None of these

Silver Fibre of Pakistan is
A. Cotton
B. Corn
C. Sugarcane
D. Wheat

What is the freezing point of water:
A. 0 Degree Centigrade
B. 273 Degree Centigrade
B. -4 Degree Centigrade
D. 100 Degree Centigrade

Atmospheric pressure is measured by
A. Barometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Anemometer
D. Osmometer

What is the SI unit of work and energy?
A. Ohm
B. Volt
C. Joule
D. Ampere

The Largest planet in the solar system is:
A. Venus
B. Jupiter
C. Mars
D. Earth