CSS Past Papers Synonyms

CSS Past Papers Synonyms

Synonyms MCQs are taken from the past papers of competitive exams. CSS Past Papers Synonyms With Answers.

  • Choose the word that is nearly most similar in meaning.

CSS Past Papers Synonyms (CSS Paper 2016) Synonyms SET #1 (10 Questions)

Synonym of NABOB is ______

a. Bigwig    b. Doubter  c. frolic    d. converse

Synonym of PALL is _____

a. Light    b..Satiate    c. carry     d. horror

Synonym of SACROSANCT is _____

a. Prayer  b.sanctuary     c. pious   d. sacred

Synonym of LOUCHE is _____

a. Gauche   b. fine     c. brilliant    d. indecent

Synonym of STENTORIAN is _____

a. Violent    b. misbegotten      c. loud   d. stealthy

Synonym of LOQUACIOUS is _____

a. Talkative     b. thirsty     c. beautiful    d. complicated

Synonym of CHIMERA is ____

a. Chimney   b.protest      c. illusions d. panache

Synonym of TEMERITY is ____

a. Audacity    fearful    c. shyness      d. stupidity

Synonym of PROPINQUITY is ____

a. Habit   b. nearness   c. capacity     d. tendency

Synonym of VOCIFEROUS is _____

a. Numerous  b. bountiful    c. strident   d. garrulous

CSS Past Papers Synonyms (CSS Paper 2018) Synonyms SET #2 (10 Questions)

Synonym of SNIPPET is ______

a. Whole    b. full    c. fragment   d. all of above

Synonym of PUMMEL is ______

a.  Compliment   b. tap    c. approve   d. bash

Synonym of INSUPERABLE is ________

a.  Invincible     b. surmountable    c. conquerable     d. hostile

Synonym of CRUDE is _______

a. Refined   b. moral   c.  decent    d. untreated

Synonym of BALEFUL is _______

a.  Benevolence  b. malign   c. honest   d. friendly

Synonym of LAX is ________

a. Slack     b.stern    c. scornful    d. nasty

Synonym of MESH is ____

a. Disengage   b.withdraw   c. break   d. interlock

Synonym of PLACID is _____

a. Temperamental  b.tranquil    c. stormy   d. excitable

Synonym of ZEALOT is _____

a. Moderate    b. nonpartisan    c. fanatic   d. unbiased

Synonym of CAGEY is _____

a. Frank   b. reticent   c. naïve   d. open

CSS Past Papers Synonyms (CSS Paper 2019) Synonyms SET #3 (10 Questions)

Synonym of SLEAZY is ______

a. Fine  b. Respectable   c. corrupt   d. pleasant

Synonym of OXIDIZED is ______

a. Cool down   b.  abrade   c.aid    d. prevent

Synonym of BELLICOSE is ______

a. Calm   b. pacific     c. passive   d. aggressive

Synonym of CHARLATAN is ______

a.  Honest  b. decent   c. fraud   d. sordid

Synonym of EMBRYONIC is ______

a.  Adult   b. hostile   c. immoral   d.Foetal

Synonym of FLABBERGASTED is ______

a. Astonish   b.bore   c. clear up   d. rudimentary

Synonym of VACILLATE is ______

a. Remnant  b. persistence   c. tentative   d. surprise

Synonym of TUMULT is ______

a.  Agreement   harmony   c. turmoil   d. quiet

Synonym of SABBATICAL is ______

a. Break      b. aggression    c. agreement   d. solution

Synonym of PUSILLANIMOUS is ______

a. Quack   b.sordid    c. timorous   d. hostile

CSS Past Papers Synonyms (CSS Paper 2020) Synonyms SET #4 (10 Questions)

Synonym of GUILE is ______

a. Slyness      decency    c. blame    d. mad

Synonym of ESSAY is ______

a. Direct   b. compose    c. attempt   d. effort

Synonym of INCEPTION is ______

a. Incision   b. unending   c. beginning   d.  growth

Synonym of EXPATRIATE  is ______

a. Emigrant    b. displaced   c.  infirm   d. male

Synonym of SINISTER  is ______

a. Malevolent   b. sinful   c. ill-framed   d. occult

Synonym of CONTRAPTION is ______

a. Intrigue   b.device     c. sticker   d. trend

Synonym of ANIMOSITY  is ______

a. Friendly   b. flow   c. enmity d. vanity

Synonym of CONDONE is ______

a. Trap   b. overlook    c. conform   d. desist

Synonym of PLAGIARISM is ______

a. Copy   b. piracy   c. deviance   d. plague

Synonym of IMPEACHMENT is ______

a. Indictment   b. castigation   c. contempt   d. charge

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