Database MCQs

SQL stands for ____?
A. Straight Query Langauge
B. Structured Query Langauge
C. Structured Query Laison
D. Structured Query Linear

What is the best way to represent the attribute in large databases?
A. Relational
B. Concatenation
C. Dot representation
D. All of these

____ can help us detect poor E-R design.
A. Database design process
B. E-R design process
C. Relational schema
D. Functional dependencies

In 2NF:
A. The functional dependencies exist
B. No multivalued dependencies(MVDs) exist
C. No partial MVDs exist
D. No partial FDs exists

In which of the following a separate schema is created consisting of that attribute and primary key of the entity set?
A. A many-to-many relationship set
B. A multivalued attribute of an entity set
C. A one-to-one relationship

Which of the following has each related entity set has its own schema and there is an additional schema for the relationship set?
A. A many-to-many relationship
B. A multivalued attribute of an entity set
C. A one-to-many relationship set.
D. Both A and B

Which form has a relation that possesses data about an individual entity?
A. 2NF
B. 3NF
C. 4NF
D. 5NF