Antonyms MCQs

CSS Past Papers Antonyms MCQs

Antonyms MCQs are taken from the past papers of competitive exams. CSS Past Papers Antonyms With Answers.

  • Choose the word that is nearly most opposite in meaning.

CSS Past Papers Antonyms (CSS Paper 2016) Antonyms SET #1 (10 Questions)

Antonym of GERMANE is ______

a.  Irrelevant    b. indifferent    c. impartial    d. improvident

Antonym of IRASCIBLE is _____

a. Determined   b. Placid    c. reasonable     d. pliant

Synonym of APPROBATE is _____

a. Ingratitude  b.condemn    c. dissatisfaction   d. master

Antonym of SUPERCILIOUS is _____

a. Unimportant   b. relevant     c. serious    d.  meek

Antonym of FATOUS is _____

a. Crafty      b. frugal        c. sensible    d. inane

Antonym of QUIESCENT is _____

a. Lackadaisical     b. active        c. dull        d. prescient

Antonym of SARTORIAL is ____

a. Cheerful   b.sincere     c. inelegant    d. homespun

Antonym of MATUTINAL  is ____

a.Paternal         b.  crepuscular   c. maritime    d. marsupial

Antonym of IMPECUNIOUS is ____

a. Wealthy     b. cautions  c. Hungry      d. tardy

Antonym of SAPIENT is _____

a. Hunched     b. strong    c. simple    d. simian

CSS Past Papers Antonyms (CSS Paper 2018) Antonyms SET #2 (10 Questions)

Antonym of INCEPTION is ______

a. Commencement     b. foundation    c. conclusion   d. inauguration

Antonym of PICKET  is ______

a.  Conformist     b. protester    c. demonstrator    d. lazy

Antonym of LAPSE is ________

a.  Interval     b. strengthen       c. decline   d. blunder

Antonym of DISGORGE  is _______

a. Discharge   b. emit   c.  evacuate     d. retain

Antonym of HERESY  is _______

a.  Harmony    b. blasphemy  c. nonconformity  d. dissension

Antonym of UNFAZED is ________

a. Calmb.relaxed   c. baffled   d. confident

Antonym of SLACK  is ____

a. Inefficient   b.incompetent   c. meticulous   d. lax

Antonym of THWART is _____

a. Facilitate     b.prevent  c. oppose   d. frustrate

Antonym of UNDERLING is _____

a. Superior      b. servant   c. inferior    d. subordinate

Antonym of TIFF  is _____

a. Clash   b. dispute   c. disagreement  d. reconciliation

CSS Past Papers Antonyms (CSS Paper 2019) Antonyms SET #3 (10 Questions)

Antonym of INANE is ______

a. Absurd    b. bright    c. laughable      d. meaningless

Antonym of ANOMALY is ______

a. Abnormality      b.  inconsistency   c. regularity   d. deviation

Antonym of MELANCHOLY is ______

a. Gloomy   b. pensive   c. cheerful    d. mirthless

Antonym of OBLITERATE is ______

a.  Obscure    b. construct   c. eliminate   d. eradicate

Antonym of STRIDENT  is ______

a.  Loud   b. quiet   c. blatant     d. hoarse

Antonym of CONVOLUTED is ______

a. Puzzled   b.intricate    c. straight forward    d. tangled

Antonym of ENFRANCHISE is ______

a. Empower    b. restrain    c. liberate      d. naturalize

Antonym of DENIGRATE  is ______

a.  Compliment    b. defame   c. slander d. impugn

Antonym of SALUTARY is ______

a. Beneficialb. sound   c. unhealthy   d. wholesome

Antonym of SCURRILOUS  is ______

a. Insulting   b. moral   c. lewd    d. offending

CSS Past Papers Antonyms (CSS Paper 2020) Antonyms SET #4 (10 Questions)

Antonym of ETERNITY is ______

a. Heaven     b. transience   c. mundane       d. abstract

Antonym of PANDEMONIUM is ______

a. Platform   b. quietude       c. confusion  d. tension

Antonym of RELINQUISH is ______

a. Assume      b. confer    c. leave   d. throw

Antonym of HENPECKED is ______

a. Meek  b. assertive     c.  obedient    d. rebel

Antonym of CONSISTENCY is ______

a. Anomaly   b. constant    c. regularity     d. errant

Antonym of  LAUDABLE  is ______

a. Extol     b.unworthy   c. ignorance     d. praise

Antonym of EXAGGERATION  is ______

a. Fabricate      b. understate        c. confab    d. curse

Antonym of EXTEMPORE  is ______

a. Sudden     b. prepared     c. imprint   d. frenzy

Antonym of HYPOTHETICAL is ______

a. unreal     b. unsound    c. actual      d. vague

Antonym of POOH-POOH  is ______

a. Ridicule   b. reprehend   c. ravage   d. praise

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