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Here you will find the Computer Fundamental MCQs, Computer Science MCQs, IT MCQs, NTS GAT MCQs. The maximum collection of these MCQs is from past papers. If you want to get a job or admission related to the computer/IT, you must prepare online for computer science MCQ’S questions and answers. The computer multiple-choice questions section is an important and necessary part of the FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC and other testing agencies ‘ tests. This website will help you to enhance your computer and IT related knowledge from every perspective of computer science, computer engineering and information technology.
1) Data Communication & Networking MCQs
2) Operating System Unix/Linux MCQs
3) Computer Hardware/Software MCQs
4) System Analysis & Design/Architecture MCQs
5) Web Programming / Web Engineering / Software Engineering MCQs
6) Database MCQs
7) C/C++ MCQs
8) Security and Ethical Issues MCQs
9) MS Office MCQs

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YAHOO stands for _______?
A. Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracular
B. Yet Another Hierarchical Officio Oracular
C. Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
D. Yahoo Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle


Which of the following focuses on the discovery of (previously) unknown properties on data?
A. Data Mining
B. Big Data
C. Data Wrangling
D. Machine Learning

PSTN stands for_____?
A. Public Switched Telephone Network
B. Public Serial Telephone Network
C. Public Switched True Network
D. Process Switched Telephone Network