C/C++ MCQs

Which of the following is a correct operator to compare two variabels?
A. :=
B. =
C. equal
D. ==

Which of the following is a boolean operator for logical and?
A. &
B. &&
C. |
D. \&

Evaluate !( 1 && !(0||1))
A. True
B. False
C. Unevalutable

How many copies of a class static members are shared between objects of the class?
A. a copy of the static member is shared by all objects of class
B. a copy is created only when at least one object is created from the class
C. a copy of static member is created for each instantiation of the class
D. no memory is allocated for static members of a class

The default access level is assigned to members of a class is:
A. private
B. public
C. protected
D. none of these