Purpose of Life and my point of view:

I see and meet many people around me,i get surprised to see them because they are spending their lot of time in useless things/activities. In fact they don’t know the worth of this life and even the purpose of it. They just eat,take rest and waste their whole life time and at the end they reach to the grave doing nothing special.

Near to me the purpose of life is not just to eat,take rest and pass the time doing nothing. One should learn from  each step of his life, he should do deep observation of the nature and should seek knowledge from it,though man observe but don’t think about his observation which then goes useless. Men is born to learn and to serve humanity. He should use his knowledge to create some invention or to do some service that is beneficial for humans.

At the end i wish you all the best and hope this small article will motivate your attention towards good and meaningful life ,be happy and keep others happy.