Basic Mathematics

Mathematics is considered a very important part of almost every exam especially in competitive exams such as NTS,FPSC,PPSC,SPSC,KPPSC,BPSC,OTS,PTS,CTS and other testing agency’s test for recruitment of suitable candidates. In this section, we will cover basic mathematics MCQs such as Average, Percentage, Problem on Ages, Time and Distance, Discount, Interest, Ratio & Proportion, Decimal Fraction and others. Maximum questions in this section are collected from past papers. Understand and Practice each question to prepare well for your upcoming test. You can also submit Us the latest OR your Recent Test English Mcqs. SUBMIT HERE. Dear Viewers we are trying our best to provide you 100% correct answers, but being human there may chance of error in some cases. If you find any mistake/error then please do notify us and contribute us with the correct answer if you are 110% sure.